Best Password Manager Apps for iPhone in 2021


Password manager apps are preferred by the majority of iPhone users to store login credentials. You can find thousands of password manager applications in the App Store, it’s a bit difficult to choose the reliable one. In this article, we have introduced some of the reliable password manager apps in 2021.

Nowadays, users register on various online portals such as eCommerce, net banking, Webmail, email, social media and so on. Multiple login credentials might mislead you, it’s a bit difficult to remember multiple passwords and User ID. Thanks to password manager apps, it helps you to settle down all your login credentials at one place. Investing a few minutes reading the article, will help you to explore reliable password manager applications.

Best Password Manager Apps in 2021


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Lastpass password manager app lets users store multiple usernames and password in the vault. It prompts users with saved login credentials to have quick access, third-party apps. Lastpass is one of the safest password manager apps that allow you to store banking details without any hesitations. You can set Face ID to the vault to secure the saved passwords and user ID from unknowns. If needed, you can make use of the password generator in Lastpass to generate strong and authentic passwords.

Sync multiple devices to access the saved list of login credentials, have quick access to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and so on. Moreover, it helps you to auto-fill the username and passwords in mobile browsers. Install it in your iPhone device for free.

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Direct Download link for Lastpass password manager app!

Enpass Password Manager

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Enpass is one of the reliable password manager apps available on the App Store. You can save net banking credentials, documents, credit cards and much more in Enpass Password Manager Vault. Have quick access with auto-fill login credentials in third party apps, websites. This password manager app does not store any data, access it offline mode.

Enjoy Dark mode in this password manager application, sync your data with cloud such as Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud and so on. Enpass holds a place in this list of best password manager apps available in the App Store. Moreover, it helps you to have a password audit to detect weak passwords and generate a strong password. Install Enpass password manager application from App Store for free.

Direct Download link for Enpass Password Manager App!

True Key

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Get rid of the hassle, remembering multiple passwords install True Key Password Manager application in your iPhone or iPad device for free. You can store multiple User ID and Passwords in a single vault. It lets you set fingerprint access for True Key application to secure the stored login credentials from unauthorized persons.

Manage your login credentials, detect weak passwords and generate strong passwords using True Key app. It allows users to save login credentials for portals to have quick access, later on. You have to register a valid email address with True Key to bypass the authentication process. You will receive a verification email with a link from True Key. What you have to do is to simply click on the received link for exploring quality features.

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Save login credentials for your social media accounts without any hesitation, your stored data will be safe and secure. No more frustration, no more hassle – Gain quick access to portal and apps.

Direct Download link for True Key App!


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1Password app is one of the high rated apps in Category, it holds 4.6 ratings in App Store. You can enjoy 1 month free trial for 1Password application if interested go ahead with premium subscription. It allows users to store multiple login credentials in a single vault. Store User ID and Passwords for online portals, apps, addresses, documents, important notes safe and secure in 1Password app.

It helps users to audit weak passwords and allows them to generate strong and authenticate passwords. Have quick access to websites, social media, and entertaining, educational portal by just one click. You can access your stored data from anywhere in any device. Hence, no more hassle to carry notes or remember multiple login credentials. You can set Face ID in 1Password app to secure data from unauthorized persons. Install the password manager app from the App Store to enjoy a free trial.

Direct Download link for 1Password app!

Password Manager Data Vault 

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Password Manager Data Vault is not a free Password manager app but still iPhone and iPad users prefer the application to store login credentials. It includes advanced security, powerful features. Access your stored data in other Apple devices which includes iPhone watch. Login websites just by one click, auto-fill login credentials.

It allows users to synchronize data vault with Mac System, iCloud, Dropbox and so on. Make use of the application to detect weak passwords and generate strong Passwords.  Set Face ID, fingerprint to the password manager app to keep it secure from unauthorized persons. This app provides the user with quick support, install it from App Store to store your data and login credentials in iPhone or iPad devices.

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Direct Download link for Password Manager Data Vault App!

FAQ for password manager apps

  • What is the best password manager app?

Below stated are some of the best password manager applications available in the App Store.

  1. LastPass
  2. Enpass Password Manager
  3. True Key
  4. 1Password
  5. Password Manager Data Vault
  • Is there a free password manager?

Yes, you can tons of free password manager application in App Store but blindly installing them in iPhone or iPad device might be a risk. LastPass is one of the safest Password manager apps available on the App Store for free.

  • What is the best password manager for iOS?

Password Manager Data Vault application is one of the best password manager applications that includes quality features and serve with customer support. You have to pay $9.99 for the application to secure your data and login credentials in your iPhone or iPad devices.


In this article, we have introduced some of the best password manager apps that are available in the App Store. If you have any doubt or query, kindly note it down in the given comment section. Our dedicated team will look into it!

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