How to Use Crop a Screenshot on your Mac


This tutorial will demonstrate how to crop a screenshot on a Mac. On a Mac, you can quickly take screenshots. There are several methods for capturing a portion of your screen, the complete screen, a portion of the screen, or a window.

By default, screenshots are saved to your Desktop as picture files. You can change the location where macOS saves screenshots. The screenshot will be saved as a PNG file by default, but you can change this setting.

Let’s learn how to crop a screenshot on a Mac. You can crop a screenshot with different methods, I will show you the one I prefer the most.

You may wish to crop a screenshot after taking it. Cropping is the process of removing undesired portions of your screenshot. There are numerous reasons why you might want to crop a screenshot, including the following:

  • To eliminate an undesirable component.
  • To enhance the frame or composition of an image.
  • To draw the viewer’s attention to a certain object in the screenshot.

How to take screenshots

As mentioned above, there are several methods for capturing your screen:

  • Command-Shift-3: This initiates the creation of a full screenshot. This is similar to how you would use the Print Screen key on a Windows PC.
  • Command-Shift-4: This shortcut can be used to capture portions of your screen.
  • This key combination (Command-Shift-4-the Space bar) grabs a window or menu.
  • Command-Shift-5: This activates the screenshot toolbar, which allows you to capture screenshots.

How to crop your screenshots

There are a few ways to do this:

1. The screenshot shortcuts

Several of the screenshot shortcuts described above allow you to crop your screenshot prior to recording it:

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The Command-Shift-4 and Command-Shift-5 keyboard keys enable you to crop your desired screenshot effectively by manipulating the crosshair cursor.

If you want to crop the screenshot further after it is taken, see the procedures below.

How to Crop a Screenshot on your Mac

1. Screenshot thumbnail

A thumbnail will show in the corner of your screen immediately after you take the snapshot. By clicking it, you can access the screenshot editing tool.

This option allows you to crop the screenshot image. Please keep in mind that you have the option of disabling this thumbnail.

Take the following steps:

1. To begin, take a screenshot and click the thumbnail in the corner.

2. Select the Crop tool. Additionally, crop borders will be displayed along the screenshot’s edges.

3. At this point, you can drag the corner to adjust the cropping of your screenshot. Your image will be displayed in the white area.

4. When finished, click Down. Additionally, the cropped image will be stored on your computer’s desktop.

3. Preview

If you do not click the thumbnail for the screenshot, it will vanish in a few seconds. Cropping your screenshot is still possible. This is how:

1. Locate and open your screenshot in Preview.

2. To display the markup toolbar, click the “Show Markup Toolbar” button. Additionally, make certain that Rectangular Selection is selected.

3. Then, using your trackpad or mouse, select the area you’d like to retain and click the crop button. Additionally, you can utilize the Command-K shortcut. Finally, you may access the Crop menu via the Tools > Crop menu.

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