Download Cydia Impactor: How to use Cydia Impactor in 2020?


Cydia Impactor tool lets access to iOS users to explore unofficial apps and IPA files. Apple users are fond of using the tool for quick installing third-party apps. In this article, we have introduced the steps to Download Cydia Impactor in Mac device 2020

The article is a complete guide for Cydia Impactor: You will find features of Cydia Impactor, steps to download the Cydia Impactor, how to make use of Cydia Impactor for installing IPA files and Apps in iPhone/iPad devices. Let’s begin with the features at first.

Features of Cydia impactor in 2020

Below-given are the features of Cydia Impactor. You can explore the features in your iOS device to download and install third-party applications only if you have completed the process, Download Cydia Impactor in your Mac device. 

  • Cydia Impactor lets Apple users download and install the latest Paid Apps and tweaks in their iPhone/iPad device at free cost. 
  • Secure your iPhone/iPad warranty, Download Cydia Impactor to install IPA files without jailbreak.
  • Quick installation for third-party Apps in iOS devices 
  • Install USB Drivers using Cydia Impactor
  • Cydia Impactor is compatible with Window, Mac and Linux Operating Systems. 
  • Using Cydia Impactor you can explore trendy wallpapers and themes for your iOS devices. 
  • It allows Apple users to install unofficial apps in their iOS devices.

Requirements to Download Cydia Impactor in Mac and iOS devices 

It’s good to know the actual requirements before proceeding with, Download Cydia Impactor so that you can avoid the unwanted hassle, later on.

  • MacBook or Mac PC device (without jailbreak) 
  • iPhone/iPad device (without jailbreak) 
  • USB cable to connect iPhone device with Mac system
  • Valid internet connection 
  • Official source link to download  Cydia Impactor.
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How to Download Cydia Impactor in Mac device?

Kindly perform the below-given steps in your Mac device to download and install Cydia Download in 2020.

  • Firstly connect your mac system with a valid internet connection
  • Next step is to download the Cydia Tool in your Mac device
  • Once the process, Download Cydia Impactor is completed kindly extract the files in your mac device
  • That’s it! Now you just have to download the IPA files that you are looking to install in iPhone or iPad devices. 

How to use Cydia Impactor connecting iPhone/iPad device to Mac?

Simply follow the given steps to make use of Cydia Impactor to download and install third-party apps in iPhone/iPad devices.

  • Firstly connect you iPhone/iPad device with your mac device using a USB cable
  • Once connected, kindly launch Cydia Impactor in you Mac device
  • Mac system will automatically detect your connected iPhone/iPad device.

  • Now simply drag the IPA file into Cydia Impactor interface that you want to install in iPhone/iPad device.

  • You will get a pop-up in your Mac device kindly, input valid Apple ID and password to proceed. 
  • Next step is to open setting in your iPhone/iPad device

  • Kindly click on general option under iPhone/iPad settings

  • You will find ‘profiles & device management’ option under iTunes Wi-Fi Sync kindly, click on it!

  • Kindly click on Apple ID address ( 

  • You will find a pop-up as shown in above image kindly click on it 

  • The last step is to click on trust tab to complete the process. Wait for a while and you will find the application downloaded in your iOS device. 
  • That’s it making use of Cydia Impactor is quite simple for installing IPA files and third-party apps in iPhone/iPad devices. 
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FAQ for Cydia Impactor

1 What is the purpose of Cydia?

Multiple purposes such as installing IPA files, third-party (unofficial) apps, get trendy wallpapers and themes in iPhone/iPad device; download paid apps and games at zero cost using the Cydia Impactor tool.

2 Is jailbreaking dangerous?

No jailbreaking is not dangerous performing the action in iPhone/iPad devices but it will remove the warranty of your Apple device in 2020.

3 Will Cydia Impactor be updated?

Usually, Cydia Impactor gets updated now and then to improvise with better quality but it will not get updated automatically iOS users have to manually update the Download Cydia Impactor tool visiting the official source portal. 

4 What does Cydia Impactor do?

Cydia Impactor lets Apple and Android users download and install unofficial third-party apps, allows installing paid apps at zero cost, grabbing trendy themes and wallpapers for iOS devices, quick installing process for different genre of apps and so on. 

5 Can I trust Cydia impactor?

Yes, you can definitely trust Cydia Impactor, it does not harm your iOS device or personal data. Make sure you download the tool from the official source portal to avoid the unwanted hassle, later on! 


The article is a complete guide for Cydia Impactor. We have introduced steps to Download Cydia Impactor, how to use Cydia Impactor to install IPA files and third-party apps on iOS devices. If you any doubt or query kindly, note it down in comment section. Our dedicated team will look into it!

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