How to Fix Forgot iPhone Passcode? 2 methods to restore iPhones


Forgot the iPhone passcode? Well, you are not the first one who forgets their passcode. It’s a common occurrence with iPhone users and while forgetting a passcode is easy, resetting a new one is somewhat difficult. Apple has top of the line security measures for their phones and these features become extremely hard for users to solve it. We have faced a similar issue and while we have a team of experts working here with us, all we found is some outdated methods that don’t work with the latest iPhone. That’s why we have created a simple guide for How to recover the Forgot iPhone passcode. 

How to Fix Forgot iPhone Passcode

There are a few ways users can get their iPhone back without doing much of the hard work. Let’s check some of the working methods to fix Forgot iPhone passcode.

How to Restore from iCloud

There is a simple solution to fix forgot iPhone passcode by using the find my phone feature. Users can restore their iPhone from iCloud. Follow the steps to unlock iPhone without much hassle.

  • Go to the official website
  • Now login with your Apple ID
  • Now use the find iPhone feature
  • Find your iPhone on the map and click on it
  • After that, select the option to erase iPhone
  • This will totally erase your device and now you can access it

This method is 100% working because just like we mentioned earlier, we have also faced a similar issue. We tried some of the other methods but only this one seems to work perfectly.

Important note: these methods only work if users have already connected their iPhone with iCloud and turn on the Find my phone feature. Also, for this method to work, the location needs to be enabled in order to find the iPhone. However, all of the new iOS devices come with preinstalled find my phone features and factory reset iPhone without passcode or iTunes but users need to manually turn that on. If you didn’t turn on Find my iPhone, then here are some other methods to fix Forgot iPhone Passcode.

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How to Restore iPhone with iTunes

If the above method won’t work and users have tried more than 6 times to open their iPhone with the wrong passcode, it will automatically disable it. Once the phone is disabled, they will find a message like “iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes”. Let’s check out this method to fix Forgot iPhone Passcode.

In order for this method to work, users must follow all the step by steps method according to their device. Here are different tricks for Different iOS devices.

For iPhone 8 and later devices

  • Long press the side button until a pop-up appears to switch off your iPhone.
  • Drag the slider to the top to switch off the iPhone.
  • Now press the volume up button then the volume down button and then the side button one by one while connecting to your computer.  Make sure to follow this sequence and do not press these buttons altogether. 
  • After that, your phone will go to recovery mode.

For iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPod touch in 7th generation

Follow this above method to switch off the phone. Now in this version going to the recovery mode is different. Connect your Phone to the computer and press the volume down button and keep pressing it until the recovery mode screen will appear.

For iPhone 6s or earlier

Switch off the iPhone and connect the phone to your computer while pressing the home button. It will start the recovery mode on the iPhone.

How to Reset iPhone with iTunes

Once your iPhone is in recovery mode connect it with the computer and open iTunes. Now a message will pop up saying, “is a problem with the iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored.” now click on the restore button, and your iPhone will be reset and become totally brand new without activation. Now enter your Apple ID and password to start the whole process again.

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There are many methods out there that claim to work well for fixing  Forgot iPhone Passcode issues. However, these two are the only way users can restore their phone without a password. First one is with iCloud where users need to enable find my iPhone feature to erase and reset iPhone. If find my phone feature is not enabled on your iPhone, then use the recovery mode method with iTune. 

What to Do after Restoring iPhone?

Just like we mentioned earlier, once a user erases their data and restore iPhone, it will be new as out of the box. Now they need to set up the iPhone, here is what the user can do after restoring the iPhone after passcode reset.

  • Start the iPhone from the beginning just like a fresh iPhone out of the box. If users don’t want any backup, they can start it from the scratch. Just start the iPhone and follow the steps.
  • If users don’t have any backup for their iPhone, they can still download all of their apps, books, songs, and others they have purchased. Users need to first login with their Apple ID and they go to the app store, they will find the purchased tab, click on the download and now users don’t need to pay for it again. The same goes for books and songs as well. 
  • If users want to back up their iPhone with old data that they have already backed up once, they can also do that on their phones. Just find the iCloud in the iPhone and go to settings, find the backup option and they will find all the old backups. Now click on the most recent backup and restore it.
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FAQ for Forgot iPhone Passcode

What happens if you forgot your iPhone passcode?

If users forget their passcode for their iPhones, then they need to restore and erase all the data of their phones. They can restore their phone from iTunes or iCloud but they need to remember their Apple ID and password. 

How do you reset a disabled iPhone?

If Users forgot iPhone passcode and they have tried more than 6 times, then their iPhone will be disabled. Now they can only restore their iPhone from recovery mode. Just follow the instructions in the above article and put the phone in recovery mode. Make sure to check for the specific OS of your phone for instruction because every new model has a different method to start recovery mode.

Can you unlock a disabled iPhone without a computer?

If users do not have access to their computer then they can use the find my iPhone method. Just login to your iCloud account from a different computer or iPhone and go to find my iPhone, after that, click on the restore button, and all of the phone data will be erased along with the passcode.


Losing or forgetting an iPhone passcode is not new and everyone has faced it once in a while. In this article, we have mentioned two different methods that could actually work and restore the iPhone with ease. If you still have any questions regarding How to Fix Forgot iPhone Passcode, then ask us in the comment section.

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