How to Arrange Apple CarPlay Apps in Your Car


For iPhone owners, the majority of contemporary automobiles provide the option to connect and use Apple CarPlay. CarPlay is an excellent way to navigate with Apple Maps, listen to music – whether it’s Apple Music or your favourite streaming service, such as Pandora – and send and receive texts and phone calls.

If you use Apple CarPlay, you’re probably bored of scrolling through the applications to find the one you’re looking for. Scrolling through many pages of apps while driving is also a distraction.

We’ll cover some CarPlay basics in this article, including how to add, remove, and reorganise CarPlay apps.

With Apple CarPlay in your car, you can use your iPhone with a car-friendly interface. Here’s how to arrange your car play Apps.

Rearrange CarPlay Apps

You may change between CarPlay apps on your iPhone.

  1. Select General from the Settings menu. Select CarPlay.
  2. Choose your vehicle and then tap Customize.

Apple CarPlay Apps

To Remove Apps

CarPlay can be uninstalled from apps in the list that have a Delete button (a minus sign in a red circle) adjacent to them. To delete them, simply touch the Delete button. They will remain available for later addition if desired.

Apple CarPlay Apps

To Add Apps

If any applications appear with an Add button (a plus sign in a green circle) beside them, you can add them to your CarPlay. Simply click the Add button.

Rearrange Apps

To reposition an app in the list, press on the three lines to the right of the app’s name and drag it to a new location.

CarPlay Wallpaper

Want to personalise the appearance of your CarPlay? In CarPlay, you may change the wallpaper that appears behind your apps. This requires that you are in your car and utilising CarPlay.

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We will advise you in advance that there aren’t a lot of possibilities, but there are still a few colour and design options available.

  1. In CarPlay, open the Settings app (in your car).
  2. Select a wallpaper.
  3. Select a wallpaper and then click Set.

Using Siri with CarPlay

Along with rearranging your CarPlay apps for optimal convenience, you can also use Siri to bypass the entire process of manually picking your favourite CarPlay app.

You can either ask Siri to access any of your CarPlay apps or do a more particular action, such as “Play Queen in Apple Music.”

There are a number of different methods for attracting Siri’s attention — some of which are dependent on the controls accessible in your vehicle.

  • Utilize your steering wheel’s voice command button. By pressing the button, you should be able to get Siri’s attention — it’s analogous to saying “Hey Siri.”
  • Utilize the touchscreen interface. To summon Siri’s attention, press and hold either the CarPlay Dashboard or CarPlay Home buttons.
  • Simply say, “Hey Siri.”
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