How to block Phone Numbers in iOS 15 iPhone


Unwanted phone calls are inevitable, but your iPhone has a few alternatives for blocking persistent callers. On iOS 15, here’s how to ban or stop nuisance calls. Here’s how to block phone numbers on iPhone and iPad in iOS 15, as well as unblock them or call them back.

You may avoid a lot of stress by blocking a phone number. You will not be notified of any calls received from a banned number once it has been blocked. Additionally, callers will be able to leave a message, but you will not be notified when one has been left.

How to block Phone Numbers in iOS 15 iPhone

  • Open the Phone application.
  • Scroll to the number you want to block and click it.
  • Next to the number, tap the Info icon.
  • Scroll to the bottom and press This Caller Is Blocked
  • Select Block Contact.

You may ban persistent FaceTime calls using the same techniques from within the FaceTime app.

Blocked numbers will not receive a notification that they have been blocked, which might help you save your dignity if you need to block someone you know in person.

You can select to quiet all unknown numbers if you’re getting too many calls from unknown callers in general. This is particularly handy on days when you receive an excessive number of telemarketing calls.

All incoming calls from unknown numbers will be hushed and sent to voicemail once this function is enabled, and the phone number will display in your recent calls list.

block Phone Numbers

How to Mute unknown callers on iOS 15

  • Open Settings
  • Tap Phone
  • Scroll down and press the Silence Unknown Callers button
  • Select the Silence Unknown Callers toggle
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Silencing unknown callers will quiet any calls from numbers that are not on your contact lists, such as food delivery calls and calls from institutions such as your bank or utility company.

Silence Unknown Callers will be temporarily deactivated for 24 hours if you make an emergency call.

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