Know, how to check whether iPhone Unlocked in 2020| Complete Guide


Recently bought a new iPhone, eager to know whether iPhone Unlocked? We have introduced some of the best methods to confirm the current status iPhone Unlocked or locked in 2020

Usually, the iPhone locked to a particular cellular network means the iPhone can only be functional to make a call or use the internet with the locked Cellular network. To check if iPhone locked or iPhone Unlocked, we have introduced some of the useful methods in this article. 

Methods to confirm: Is my iPhone unlocked?

Apple users can confirm whether iPhone Unlocked or locked by different methods. We have introduced the simple methods to know iPhone Unlocked in 2020.

Check Carrier Lock in you iPhone or iPad

  • Firstly open settings in iPhone or iPad 
  • Click on “General” option to proceed further
  • Next step is to click on “About” and scroll down to find “Network Provider Lock” 
  • If you find No SIM restriction in your iPhone that indicates that iPhone Unlocked

You can use any cellular network on your iPhone to make a call and use the internet. In case, if your find restricted in Network Provider lock or Carrier Lock option than you have to prefer the locked cellular network for making and using the internet in iPhone.

Make use of different Sim Card and insert it iPhone

One of the simplest methods to know iPhone Unlocked is to insert another Sim Card in your iPhone. Try to make calls, using the inserted cellular network, if everything fine able to make calls than it clearly indicates that the iPhone is Unlocked. 

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Note: Insert a Sim Card of different Cellular Network to confirm iPhone Unlocked.

Check if iPhone Unlocked in the Settings 

  • Open settings of iPhone or iPad device
  • Next step is to click on Mobile Data Option
  • Find Network Data or “Voice & Data” under Mobile Data Option 

If you find Network Data or “Voice & Data” than iPhone is Unlocked, you can use any of the cellular sim networks to use internet or calls from your iPhone. If you do not find any of the options, then your iPhone locked in 2020.

Check Online iPhone is unlocked or iPhone locked

You can check the information about iPhone unlock or iPhone locked online by visiting IMEI info portal. Input iPhone IMEI number in the blank box and click on CHECK. You will find a detailed report on your screen about your Apple device. 

Firstly, Know your iPhone IMEI number to input it in Online IMEI info portal to obtain information iPhone is Unlocked or locked in 2020.

  • Options Setting in iPhone device
  • Find the General option and click on it
  • Now click on About option and scroll down to find Primary IMEI number
  • You will iPhone IMEI number, kindly note it down to input in IMEI online portal.

iPhone locked, how to unlock the iPhone in 2020?

If you are iPhone is locked to a particular cellular network and willing to unlock iPhone than kindly contact to the Carrier (Cellular Network) and request them to remove the network restriction from your iPhone device. You might be charged a certain amount by the cellular network provider to unlock iPhone in 2020.

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FAQ for iPhone Unlock 

1 Can I unlock my iPhone myself?

The answer is NO, you cannot iPhone unlock by yourself. Kindly contact your carrier (Cellular Network) provider and request them to unlock your iPhone device.

2 How much does it cost to unlock an iPhone?

The cost varies depending on your iPhone locked cellular network, kindly contact them, they will let you know the actual cost to implement the process, iPhone Unlock.

3 How to check iPhone unlocked in 2020?

Kindly perform the below-given method in your iPhone device to check whether the iPhone is unlocked or locked.

  1. Open settings of iPhone or iPad device
  2. Next step is to click on Mobile Data Option
  3. Find Network Data or “Voice & Data” under Mobile Data Option.

4 Can you unlock an iPhone that’s not paid off?

No, you cannot unlock an iPhone that’s not paid OFF. For iPhone unlock you must require valid code, only the locked cellular network are aware of the unlocking code. 

5 Is it good to unlock your iPhone?

Apparently YES, performing the activity iPhone Unlocked will help you insert any of cellular network Sim Card in your iPhone device to access the internet and make calls in 2020.


We have listed a few methods to find whether iPhone unlocked or locked in 2020. Prefer any of the methods to confirm,  iPhone is unlocked or locked. If you have any doubt or query, kindly note it in the given comment section. Our dedicated team will look into!

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