How To Erase The Device Remotely Using Find My?


Have you lost your iPhone? You must be devastated, as most of your data is in your phone nowadays. If it goes in the wrong hand, then you might get into some big problem. That is the time when people think of erasing their iPhone data. Not just iPhone but iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch, if your device is stolen, lost or even not functioning properly, you can delete everything from inside of the device remotely using Find My Device.

If you use Find My, it can help find your device, erase your personal information from the device, and even lock your device so that no one else can use it. It can be the best step to keep your data secured on the device.

A person can also use the Find My option for several other purposes. For example, if your iPhone gets damaged and you want to send it for service, then you may want to erase the device first. Also, if the device is not working or the screen is no longer working, it will become impossible to do a factory reset, but you can erase the data. In this article, you will learn how you can erase the device with the help of Find My.

How to erase the device with the help of Find My?

Using Find My is not hard; a person can easily erase the device using this method, but first, they need to understand the things related to that.

Before erasing the device

The first thing that you need is to get some knowledge before you erase the data you need to enable the Find My, and here are some of the things that may happen:

  • If the user has lost the device, they cannot track their device once they have erased it.
  • If they have marked the device as lost, then the activation lock on the device will remain on even after the device is erased.
  • When you remove the accent from the device after erasing the device, then the lock will be turned off.
  • When the user erases the device, your Apple pay will be disabled, and it will also be removed from the list of trusted devices.
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That is why the person always needs to create the data before erasing the device. The backup for your iPad or iPhone can be created on the iCloud or even to the PC with the help of iTunes or Finder. You can even use the Mac to store the data as an external disc.

How to erase?

  • To use the Find My, the user needs to sign in to
  • After that, you need to tap on the icon of Find iPhone and enter the Apple ID and its password there.
  • Click on the all device option which you will find near the top and above the map. You need to select the device you want to erase and click on erase.
  • Enter the Apple ID and password; if you are not using your PC, you may have entered the verification code, which will be sent on the trusted device or answer some security questions.
  • While you erase the Mac, you need the security code you have entered, so make sure you have saved it.
  • If you erase the data from the lost device, you will have to enter the phone number, and a code will be sent to that number. If your device is found, the person can return it to you.

How to cancel the erase?

You will not be able to erase the data if it is offline. However, you can initiate the process, which will be completed when the device is online. You can cancel the erase, but you need to go to and then Find My iPhone and click on All Device. You can select the device from that lost and stop the request of erasing it by entering the Apple ID password.

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The process is quite easy and simple, but you need to ensure that you have already backed up the device. If the device is erased once, you will not be able to get the data again.

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