How to Find iPhone Photo size in iOS devices In 2020?


Knowing the actual iPhone Photo size is not a hassle-free task. Till date, there is no inbuilt feature included in the iPhone that can easily show you the image size. We have introduced the simplest way to recognize the actual iPhone Photo size in 2020

Due to the lack of information for the iPhone image size, Apple users find difficulties uploading an image in some of the online portals. To know the iPhone image size Apple users prefer online portal or third-Party Apps, which is a bit risky. Whereas, Shortcuts is an Apple-made application that allows users to know the actual iPhone Photo size in their iOS devices. Read further to explore the necessary steps to install and use the Shortcuts app in iPhone device.

Shortcuts Application lets iOS users to know the actual iPhone Photo size

Insist you to follow the below-given steps in your iPhone device to install Shortcuts app and make use of it for finding the actual iPhone Photo size in 2020. Make sure don’t skip any of the steps to avoid misleads. 

  • Firstly open App Store in your iPhone device

  • Search “Shortcuts” in App Store, download and install it in your iOS device (Note: Requires iOS 12.0 or later versions)
  • Next step is to open the newly installed Shortcuts App to proceed further.

  • Simply click on “Create Shortcuts” option in Shortcuts App.

  • Next step is to search “Get Details of Files” in Shortcuts app and click on it
  • Kindly click on “Choose” option, you will find it under Get Details of Files
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  • Now you have to choose the option “File Size” in Shortcuts app

  • Next step is to search “Show Notification” in Shortcuts search bar
  • Add a title, select “Details of Files” and click on done button
  • Now you will find the newly created Shortcuts in App, click on the three dots of the created Shortcuts.

  • Enable the feature, you will find a toggle icon at the left top corner in Shortcuts App

  • Now you have to input a favourable title name, enable Show in Widget and Show in Share Sheet in Shortcuts app.
  • Once done, close the Shortcuts application in your iPhone device and proceed further with given steps to know actual iPhone Photo size.

  • Simply open any of the images in the iPhone device and try to share it. Now you will find the “Shortcuts” icon kindly, click on it.
  • Next step is to click on created Shortcuts file in your iPhone device 

  • You will find a notification from Shortcuts app with the actual iPhone photo size.

That’s it now can view the actual iPhone image size in your iOS device whenever, need in 2020.

FAQ for iPhone Photo size 

1 How do I know the size of my photo on the iPhone?

You can view the iPhone photo size making use of Shortcuts Apple made Application. Install Shortcuts App in your iOS device and create a Shortcuts file, and include file size in it. 

2 What is the Shortcuts app on iPhone?

Shortcuts is an iOS application developed by Apple. It helps users to recognize the actual size of the stored files, images and documents. iPhone users can easily find the iPhone Photo size using Shortcuts Application.

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3 Is the Shortcuts app free?

Yes, Shortcuts Application is free and is available at App Store. The Shortcuts app is developed by Apple. It helps iOS users to recognize actual file size, iPhone image size, stored in there Apple device.

4 Can I change photo size on iPhone?

Yes, you can change the iPhone photo size in your iOS device using the default Photos App. Apple users can even make use of third-party iOS apps such as Desqueeze or image size to change iPhone image size in 2020

5 How do I see photo size on iPhone 11?

Download shortcuts app from App Store in iPhone 11 device, install it. Create a shortcut file and select the file size feature in it. Using the shortcuts app you can view the iPhone image size in 2020.


We’re glad to introduce the best and simplest way to recognize the iPhone Photo Size in 2020. If you have any doubt or query kindly, input it in the given comment section. Our dedicated team will look into it!

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