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Most people who updated iOS 14 are surprised and happy with all the updates provided by apple. One of the most recognized changes is the clock widget in iOS 14 which allows users to check the time with an analog clock. But many users have reported that clock widgets are showing the wrong time. No need to worry about the small issue ruing the whole experience because, in this article, we will write about how to fix clock widget in iOS 14. 

There could be a number of reasons why the clock widget is out of sync with the correct time and this issue is not as noticeable as others but yet annoying. Users are frustrated with this simple issue which stops the clock widget in iOS 14 to show the correct time.

How to fix clock widget in iOS 14 

First, make sure that the main clock has the correct timing, for that, users need to set the time according to their time zone. Here is how to set time on iOS 14.

  • Go to settings
  • Then go to general 
  • Select date and time
  • Make sure to turn on the set automatically option
  • If the option is already turned on, then tune it off temporarily 
  • Wait for a few seconds then turn it on again
  • Make sure that the time zone is correct

Once users set the correct time of the device, they can compare it with the clock widget in iOS 14. Here is how to change clock widget settings in iOS 14.

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Set iPhone Clock Widget Settings

Here is how to change the timezone in the clock widget and set time.

  • Tap and hold the clock widget and a small menu will appear

  • Select the edit widget option from the menu
  • Click on the city name and a new search box will appear 

  • Enter the name of your city or city nearby
  • Make sure to select big cities that fall into the same time zone
  • Once users select the city, it will officially set the clock widget time zone
  • Now close the window and check the clock widget in iPhone

This will fix the issue right away and now user can check their clock widget and official time which will match. Now, most people faced this issue while traveling which means they have changed the time zone. If the time zone doesn’t automatically change when the user travel, it will show the wrong time.

Change the automatic time zone setting

Here is how to change the automatic time zone settings on the iPhone.

  • Go to settings and then the privacy
  • Select location service

  • Then allow the location services if it’s off
  • Then go to system settings in location services
  • Tap on the setting time zone to enable the setting

This option will allow users to travel without worrying about the correct time. Make sure to check this setting if the aforementioned method doesn’t work. If the problem with iOS 14 widget clock still persists, then Reset Location & Privacy.

Reset Location & Privacy

Resetting location and privacy settings will take the iPhone to factory reset in location and time setting which can be adjusted later, here is how to reset.

  • Go to settings and then general
  • Tap on the reset and select Reset Location & Privacy
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  • After that follow the instructions

FAQ for clock widget in iOS 14

1 How do you add a clock widget on iOS 14?

Go to the widget and search for the clock, select the on-screen analog clock widget, and then drag it to the screen. It will set the clock widget on iOS 14.

2 How do I change the time on my clock widget on my iPhone?

Hold the clock widget and the edit option will appear, now select the edit option and then choose the city. If your city is not available, then choose the city which falls in the same time zone. After that, it will show the correct time on the clock widget of the iPhone.

3 How to change time on iPhone?

Users can update their time according to their time zone. Go to settings, then general, and then time and date. Now turn on the set automatically option.


The clock widget in iOS 14 has some issues with the correct time but with this method, users can set them straight. They can simply select the correct city and change the timezone to match the actual time of the device. If you have any questions regarding how to fix clock widget in iOS 14, then ask us in the comment sections. 

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