How to Make An iPhone Contact Group (2022)


You can rapidly send a message or email to numerous individuals by creating iPhone contact groups. Surprisingly, if you want to establish an iPhone Contact Group and utilize it for email on an iPhone, you’ll have to do so on a Mac or PC.

The contact group will then instantly transfer to your iPhone via iCloud. You may do so on the iPhone Messaging app if you wish to create a contact group for text messages. Using one of these techniques, we’ll show you how to add groups to your iPhone.

How to Make a Group Contact on iPhone for Email

You used to be able to text and email an iPhone contact group, but now you can only send emails to them. To learn how to make a group SMS on iPhone, follow the instructions in the section below.

You must first activate Contacts in iCloud so that your contacts may be accessible on your Mac or at before you can learn how to group contacts on your iPhone.

Once you’ve enabled this setting, you may create a contact group on your computer, and it will display on your iPhone automatically.

If you’re using a PC, you’ll need to go to and sign in. You’ll utilize the Contacts program on a Mac.

  • Contacts are open.

iPhone Contact Group

  • On the upper left side of the screen, choose All Contacts, then the Add symbol at the bottom.

iPhone Contact Group

  • Create a new group.

iPhone Contact Group

  • Tap Return on your keyboard to name your group.
  • To add contacts to your group, click All Contacts once more.
  • Drag and drop the people you want to include in your new group.
  • To double-check that the necessary contacts were added to your new group, click on it.
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Your newly created contact groups are now accessible on your iPhone, iPad, and other iCloud-connected devices. On your iPhone, open the Phone app, touch Contacts, and then click Groups in the upper-left corner to see your contact groups.

How to Email Your Contact Group on an iPhone

  • On your iPhone, open the Mail app.
  • Tap the new email button in the lower right corner to start a new draught.

iPhone Contact Group

  • Type the name of the contact group you wish to email in the To: area. Tap the name of the group.

iPhone Contact Group

  • Send your email when you’ve finished writing it.

How to Create a Group on iPhone for Texting

You used to be able to text as well as email iPhone contact groups, but that capability is no longer available. The Messages app, on the other hand, allows you to establish a group text on your iPhone, name it, and pin it to the top of the app so you can discover and text that contact group at any time.

Check out our free Tip of the Day for more information on the Contacts and Messages apps. Here’s how to add a messaging group to an iPhone:

  • In the Messages app, compose a new message.
  • Add all of the contacts you wish to include in the group text to the To: area.
  • Send your text in a regular manner.
  • Give the group chats a name (this requires everyone in the chat to be using iMessage.)
  • Simply put the name of the group text in the To: area the next time you wish to text this group.
  • To make it easier to locate, swipe left on the discussion to pin the group chat to the top of your chats.
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It’s as simple as that! Have you ever deleted a contact by accident? If that’s the case, you might be interested in learning how to recover lost iPhone contacts. Check out our guide on removing several contacts at once for more information on managing contacts.

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