How to Quickly Access the App Library from the iPhone Home Screen


For many people, Apple’s introduction of App Library in iOS 14 was a game-changer. The App Library gives you quick and easy access to your iPhone apps. Here’s how to find it and open the App Library on your iPhone.

Many iPhone users bid goodbye to the clutter of Home Screen pages and welcomed the organization that App Library brought to their lives.

The ability to delete Home Screen pages or move apps to the App Library from the Home Screen truly allows us to Marie-Kondo our iPhone home screens.

It was one of the most significant updates to the iPhone’s Home Screen in recent memory. However, not everyone is a fan of the App Library concept.

App Library is just another screen for many users, one that can be useful at times but not enough to completely replace their Home Screen pages.

Of course, it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. Perhaps you’ve eliminated certain screens in favor of a cleaner appearance.

Perhaps you haven’t even dropped a single screen. Better yet, perhaps you’re putting off switching to the App Library until you’ve become acclimated to it. After all, for years, iPhone users relied solely on Home screen pages.

Whatever your preference, if you have more than a few Home screen pages, you can only go to the App Library by sliding right a few times.

This makes it tough to adjust to the App Library concept. It would be easier to use the usual Home screen pages instead of swiping all the way to the right, as you’ve done for years.

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If only there was a method to rapidly access the App Library without having to swipe so many times. You’re in luck since there is a trick for it!

No matter how many Home Screens you have or which screen you’re on, this method will send you to the App Library in only a few swipes. It doesn’t matter if there are 15 pages of Home Screen between you and the App Library.

On your Home screen, go to the white dots above the dock. Then tap and hold them until an oval appears over them. However, don’t keep them for too long. You’ll instead enter the jiggle mode on the Home screen if you hold them for too long.

After tapping and holding the white dots, quickly swipe to the right. In only one swipe, you’d be on the last page of your Home screen.

You simply have to swipe left once to go to the App Library now.

You can start using the App library more now that you know how to get there quickly. You can also use the inverse of this approach to get straight to the first screen. Simply swipe left instead of right on the dots.

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