How to Set a Timer Quickly on an iPhone


Do you want to set a two-minute timer to remind you to turn off the stove while you’re cooking? You might also use a timer to exercise for a few minutes. How to set a timer quickly on an iPhone. Apple provides this functionality through a timer feature that appears in some of their apps.

On your iPhone, you may instantly set a timer that will remind you when the time is up. You can set a timer on your iPhone in two ways: by asking Siri or via the control centre. Siri makes it simple to set a timer and gets the job done swiftly.

If you don’t want to use Siri, you can instead add the Timer shortcut to the Control Center on your iPhone and set timers from there.

We will go over both choices for your understanding, and you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

Asking Siri to Set a Timer on iPhone

Setting a timer on your iPhone has never been easier. Setting a timer with Siri is just as simple if you already use it for other activities.

First, make sure that “Listen for “Hey Siri” is enabled in the settings. You can also attract Siri’s attention by long-pressing the ‘Home’ button. To activate Siri, press the side button on later iPhone models.

To set a 3-minute timer, say ‘Set a timer for 3 minutes’ once Siri has your attention. By altering the last word, you can set a timer for 2 minutes 30 seconds or 3 hours. Say ‘Set a timer for 3 hours and 30 minutes to set a timer for 3 hours and 30 minutes, for example.

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Set a Timer Quickly on an iPhone

Siri will start the countdown right away, and a banner will appear at the top of the screen. If the iPhone is locked, the timer will appear beneath the current time on the lock screen.

Siri will also tell you how much time has passed since you last checked. ‘How much time is left?’ is all you have to say.

You can also stop the timer at any time by activating Siri by pressing the Home or Side buttons on your iPhone and saying “Stop the timer” or “Cancel the timer.”

Setting a Timer from Control Centre

Swiping up on the screen on your iPhone will bring up the control centre. You must first add the ‘Timer’ control to the list of included controls before you can set a timer in the control centre.

Adding Timer Control to Control Centre

You must open the control centre from the iPhone settings to add the ‘Timer‘ control. To do so, go to the home screen and tap the Settings icon.

Scroll down in the iPhone settings to find and launch the ‘Control Centre.’

Set a Timer Quickly on an iPhone

Make sure the ‘Timer’ is included in the ‘Included Controls’ list at the top. If it isn’t, go to ‘More Controls’ and hit the ‘Plus’ icon next to the ‘Timer‘ control.

Set a Timer Quickly on an iPhone

The ‘Timer’ function has been introduced to the control centre and is now accessible with only a few taps.

Starting the Timer from Control Centre

To begin the timer, you must first enter the control centre. Swipe up from any place on the screen and look for the ‘Timer‘ control, which looks like a clock. To access the timer screen, long-press (hold) the ‘Timer’ icon.

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The timer screen should now appear. The timer is set to two minutes at first. Swipe upwards in the rectangle box to increase the time value, and swipe down to lower it.

The minimum and maximum values are 1 minute and 2 hours, respectively. To start the timer, hit ‘Start‘ at the bottom once you have the needed value.

The timer will now be running at the top. Tap the pause button at the bottom to stop the timer.

Cancelling the Timer from Control Centre

You learned how to start and pause a timer earlier, but you did not learn how to cancel one. The timer must be cancelled from the ‘Timer’ section of the ‘Clock‘ app.

You can either tap on the ‘Timer’ control in the Control Centre or launch the ‘Clock‘ app from the home screen and then move to the ‘Timer‘ section.

Set a Timer Quickly on an iPhone

To cancel the timer, go to the ‘Timer’ section and hit the ‘Cancel‘ icon.

Set a Timer Quickly on an iPhone

Set a timer and let your iPhone keep track of time from now on so you can focus on the task at hand rather than checking the clock every few minutes.

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