How to Stop Sharing Location on iPhone


In the technology world, location monitoring has long been a contentious issue. Our phones employ a variety of sources to determine their actual position, including cellular networks, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. There are several ways, here we list the most sophisticated ways to Stop Sharing Location on iPhone, and some are hard to find.

For the most part, the position of our phones almost always indicates our whereabouts. At least, for those of us anyway who haven’t yet gotten weary of their phones and locked them in a cupboard.

Although location services are divisive, they are also extremely useful. Apps like Maps, ride-sharing, meal delivery, cabs, and others are available.

However, it raises issues about privacy. Some apps are tracking our whereabouts that have no business doing so. They sell it like any other piece of data.

So it’s acceptable if you wish to limit or cease sharing your whereabouts. Of course, there are plenty of alternative possibilities.

You might wish to temporarily disable location sharing to save battery life; location services can be draining.

Maybe it’s not so much about hiding your location from apps as it is about stopping sharing your location with relatives or friends with whom you now share it. Whatever your cause, we’ve got you covered.

If you have an iPhone, you can restrict access to your location on multiple levels. Everything you need to know is right here.

Turn Off Location Entirely

Turning off your location completely will prevent all apps and services from sharing your whereabouts. No one receives notifications when you switch off your location. Scroll down to ‘Privacy‘ in the Settings app on your iPhone.

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Stop Sharing Location on iPhone

To open it, tap the ‘Location Services‘ option. It’ll say location services are activated.

Stop Sharing Location on iPhone

Then, to entirely disable sharing your location, turn off the ‘Location Services‘ checkbox.

Stop Sharing Location on iPhone

While location services will be disabled, if you utilize ‘Find my iPhone‘ and report the phone stolen, they will be temporarily enabled. To continue, tap ‘Turn Off.’ Location Services will be turned off totally.

Stop Sharing Location on iPhone

Turn off Location for Certain Apps

You may switch off location sharing for particular apps if you only want select apps to have access to your location. From the Privacy settings menu, select Location Services.

Then scroll down while keeping the ‘Location Services‘ toggle on.

The apps that use location services will be listed. Next to each app’s listing will be the type of permission it possesses. ‘Never, When I Share, While Using, or Always‘ will be displayed for these rights.

Stop Sharing Location on iPhone

Apps marked with the words ‘Always‘ or ‘While Using‘ can access your location at any time or just when they are in use (when you have opened them or they are operating in the background).

‘Ask Next Time or When I Share’ is referred to as ‘When I Share.’ These apps will ask for permission to access your location the next time you use them. They don’t have access to it yet, but they haven’t been fully refused access either.

The word ‘never’ is self-explanatory. These apps don’t have access to your location and can’t ask for it unless you give them express permission in the settings.

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Tap an app’s listing to modify its location access.

Stop Sharing Location on iPhone

Change the access type options will appear. To entirely stop sharing your location with an app, tap ‘Never.’

Stop Sharing Location on iPhone

Some apps will also have arrows next to them. A purple arrow shows that an app has accessed your location recently. A hollow purple arrow indicates that the app can access your location under certain conditions.

A grey arrow indicates that your location has been accessed in the last 24 hours by an app. You may use these arrows to see which apps are accessing your location, and you can change their permission if you notice one that you don’t think has any business doing so.

Tap the ‘System Services‘ option to access system services that use your location.

Stop Sharing Location on iPhone

Then toggle off any services that you don’t want to utilise your location for. However, limiting location access for several of these services will have an impact on some functionality, and they will not perform as planned.

You may also enable the status bar icon, which will display a location arrow anytime any system services ask for your location. Scroll all the way down under System Services options and turn on the ‘Status Bar Icontoggle.

Stop Sharing Location on iPhone

Stop using Find My App to share your location

  • If you want to disable Find My rather than cease sharing your location with applications, hit your name card at the top of the Settings app.

Stop Sharing Location on iPhone

  • Then, Click on option for ‘Find My’.

Stop Sharing Location on iPhone

Find My Preferences will appear. Disable the ‘Share My Location‘ option. You won’t be able to share your location with friends or family in Find My or Messages until you activate this option again.

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Stop Sharing Location on iPhone

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