How to Fix iPhone Keep Restarting and iPhone Boot Loop Issue?


Does your iPhone keep restarting? iPhone is one of the most favorite and celebrated smartphones all over the world and because of its reality, people depend on it. However, many users have reported that their iPhone keeps restarting on a loop and no matter what they try, it doesn’t stop. This simple glitch is common among veteran iPhone users and if you are one of those who seek help with it, we have found a solution for that. There are multiple factors that could cause the restarting issue in iPhone and we have looked into that, here is how to fix iPhone keep restarting issue. 

Why Does Your iPhone Keep Restarting?

To solve this issue, we first need to find the root of all-cause, why does the iPhone restart continually? Is it a hardware issue or a software issue? Maybe it’s a mix of both of them. One thing we can say for sure, we have researched and tried every solution regarding this issue and found some possible fixes with the iPhone restart problem. We have come across two types of restarting issues, one is an iPhone keeps turning on and off like a restart loop which won’t allow users to fix it easily. The other one is a bit tricky as the iPhone will work normally and then suddenly out of nowhere, restart itself. If your iPhone 6, 7, 8, or even iPhone X keeps restarting, this solution will surely fix the issue. 

How to Fix iPhone Keep Restarting? 

Before we start the dissection of your iPhone, it’s important to take the backup. Some of the solutions are easy and don’t harm any of your data, but others might corrupt or erase your data forever. Make sure to take a full backup of your iPhone before trying to fix the iPhone keep restarting issue. Start from the top and once the aforementioned solution doesn’t work, make your way to the harder part of the solution. 

  1. Update iOS

If the issue is common then people at Apple must have found the solution already. If your iPhone keeps turning on and off, then maybe it’s the issue with the previous update. It’s not the first time when Apple released a new update with some bugs and issues but they promptly release a new update to tackle those glitches as well. This is one of the most common advice every iPhone user gets when they have any software issue, just update the OS. just go to Settings>General>Software Update and check for the new update. Most people have found this solution satisfactory and no longer face an issue of the iPhone keep restarting. 

iPhone Keep Restarting
iPhone Keep Restarting
  1. The issue with an App
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If the above solution doesn’t work then it’s not an OS issue that redirects us to find the app that causes this misery. All of the apps from the apple store are totally safe and harmless but sometimes the app gets corrupted and starts causing the issue on the phone. If an app is causing your iPhone to keep restarting then the solution is simple, just remove it. But the issue is, how to find the culprit in the haystack? For that, users can find the solution within their reach at iPhone analytics. This is an analytic app by apple which records all the issues and apps usage and creates a log containing detail of the record.

If an app is causing the iPhone boot loop, then iPhone analytic must have recorded that issue in its log. Just go to Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data and you will find the log. This iPhone analytic log contains crashes, errors, low memory warnings, and more. Find the common error related to an app and remove the app. If the app is the reason behind your iPhone keep restarting, you can rest assured that your issue is solved.

iPhone Keep Restarting
  1. Reset settings 

This is one of the oldest solutions in the book, if something is wrong, go back to the setting where everything was fine. Sometimes when users change the default settings it could create an issue with internal settings and ultimately crash the system. The simple solution is to reset all settings and go back to default. Mostly, this will solve the problem if the iPhone boot loop is the reason behind a bad setting. Users won’t lose any data in this process but they need to re enter their wifi password again. For reset all settings, go to Settings and then General and find the Reset option. now choose the Reset All Settings and it will remove all the new settings. 

iPhone Keep Restarting
  1. Hard Reset

A hard reset is often not advisable but if everything else fails, it’s the last resort. Hard restart is the final solution when the iPhone keeps restarting and stuck in a loop, that way users cannot change any settings because it won’t allow them to open it. The only way to access the iPhone is by hard reset and there is more than one way to do it in some of the iPhone versions. 

  • For iPhone 8 and later, press and release the volume up button, then press and release the volume down button, and then press and hold the side button to hard reset iPhone.
  • For iPhone 7 and 7 plus, press and hold the side button and as well as the volume down button at the same time. 
  • For the earlier version with the home button, press and hold the side button and home button simultaneously.
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Make sure to hold the button for at least 20 seconds and then the apple logo will appear. Once the hard reset is done, most of the people reported that their iPhone stops restarting and the issue will be resolved. 

  1. Remove the sim card

Sometimes it’s not the software or hardware issue but the carrier issue. We understand that it’s the last thing anyone can think of but if removing the sim card can solve the iPhone keep restarting issue, then it’s worth a try. Just simply remove the sim card with a paper clip or a sim card remover and then check for the error. If the phone starts normally then it could be a sim card issue, if inserting the sim card causes the iPhone to restart again, get a new sim card. If the problem is not with the sim card, then you need to restore your iPhone.

  1. Restore iPhone with iTunes

Restoring the iPhone with iTunes will remove all the data from the phone, so make sure you have backed up all the important data before trying any of the methods in this article. We have written about this in detail in our article regarding Fix Forgot iPhone Passcode where we mentioned in detail how to put the iPhone in recovery mode and restore it with iTunes. Once the phone is clean, it will be as new as when you purchased it, just reload all your backup data and the iPhone keeps restarting issue will be resolved.

  1. Clean the Charging Port
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We have tried some of the easy ways to solve this issue but if everything fails, we need to go back to basics. One of the main reasons behind the iPhone boot loop is because of the charging issue. If you are using the company charger then it could be the charging port. Clean the iPhone charging plug with a toothbrush and make sure to do it gently. Some users have reported that specks of dust and other debris were blocking the charging cable to charge the iPhone. 

  1. Go to nearby Apple Store

I was about to write try to repair the iPhone but it’s not easy as it looks and it could void your warranty. It’s better to seek professional help when there is no other solution left to fix the iPhone keeps turning on and off issues. 

FAQ for iPhone Keep Restarting

Why does my iPhone keep shutting off and restarting?

There are multiple reasons behind this problem, it could be just a minor software issue or charging port problem or it could be the hardware issue. 

Updating iOS, removing the problematic app, reset all settings, hard reset, or restoring iPhone with iTunes could solve this problem easily.

What causes the iPhone boot loop?

There is no simple explanation for this problem, but one of the issues most users reported is the charging problem. Use the original charger or connect it to the PC or macbook. Wait for an hour and if the charging percentage doesn’t change, visit a nearby apple store. 

Why does my iPhone keeps showing the Apple logo and turning off?

It’s the same as the iPhone keep restarting and boot loop and if the charging doesn’t help, the user needs to hard reset the iPhone and restore it with iTunes. 


If you are facing the issue of the iPhone boot loop or the iPhone keeps restarting, then this article will surely help you find the solution. We have provided a detailed solution to this error where users can fix it with ease. Make sure to take a full backup before trying any of the methods above. If you have any questions regarding the iPhone keeps turning on and off, then ask us in the comment section.

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