Want to Reduce iPhone system storage? Best ways for cleanup in 2020!


iPhone system storage varies depending on different models. Today in this article we have discussed two topics: Why iPhone system storage becomes too high? How to reduce system storage in iPhone devices in 2020?

Apple users won’t be able to perform certain activities such as recording videos, downloading movies, applications, podcasts or songs in their iPhone/iPad devices, due to low system storage. Investing a few minutes reading the article will help you to boost the iPhone system storage in 2020.

Why iPhone system storage becomes too high? 

Let’s discuss the causes behind the problem, iPhone system storage is too high. Below stated are some of the main causes for the issue.

  • Saved too many offline videos on YouTube, Netflix and so on. 
  • Unwanted files, documents that exists in iPhone system storage
  • Old photos that are stored in the gallery, some of those might be still existing in the recently deleted album.
  • Huge number of offline songs and podcasts stored in iPhone device
  • Multiple number of unwanted texts, chats and data stored in iPhone devices.
  • Sometimes you might find high system storage issues due to minor software faults. 

How to reduce system storage in iPhone devices in 2020?

We have introduced some of the best ways to fix the problem iPhone system storage is too high. Insist you to perform the given methods in your iPhone device, one after another and check whether the “High System Storage” is fixed or not.

Turn Off and On your iPhone device

iPhone system storage

As discussed earlier, you might find high system storage in iPhone devices due to some minor software issues. Hence, insist you to firstly perform the restarting method. To restart your iPhone device, simply press and hold the sleep/wake key for a few seconds and slide the power off bar. After a few minutes kindly, turn on our iPhone device and check whether the issue “high system storage” has vanished or not.

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Remove unwanted offline videos, music, podcasts from iPhone

Apple users do save a huge number of songs, podcasts and movies to watch in offline mode. Previously you might have saved multiple movies, videos on Netflix, YouTube or some other streaming sites to watch later on. Simply delete those huge files to increase the iPhone system storage. 

Spotify is one of the trending music streaming sites that allows users to store music to listen in offline mode. You might have performed the action, saved hundreds of music files on your iPhone device. Insist you to check the Application storage in the iPhone device and act accordingly. Clear the storage of entertaining Apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify and so on to boost up the internal storage in your iPhone device. 

  • Open settings in your iPhone device
iPhone system storage
  • Click on General option to proceed
iPhone system storage
  • Kindly find iPhone Storage option and click on it
  • You can view the consumed storage by installed Application
  • Simply click on them and clear the internal storage to get rid of the problem iPhone system storage high usage. 

Store Photos in iCloud and empty “Recently deleted Album”

Apple lets users store their photos in iCloud with 100% safety, make use of the iCloud to save your old images. Performing the method will increase the storage space in the iPhone device. 

  • Open setting in your iPhone device and click on settings
  • Next step is to click on iPhone storage and find Photos. 
iPhone system storage
  • Click on photos to find “iCloud Photos” 
  • You will find “Enable” option beside iCloud Photo 
  • Kindly, click on it and store all your iPhone photos in iCloud to empty system storage space. 
iPhone system storage

Similarly, you find the option for theC “Recently Deleted” Album. Insist you to click on the “Empty” tab, you can find it beside the recently deleted album. The album stores all the deleted videos and images for recent days, it occupies unnecessary iPhone system storage. Hence, we would recommend you to empty it to increase the internal storage space in the iPhone device. 

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Delete unwanted old iMessages, chats and data from iPhone device

iPhone system storage

iPhone device stores all your texts, chats, documents and data that you send/receive using Messages Application. Insist you delete unnecessary data, text in the message to increase iPhone storage space.

  • Firstly open settings in your iPhone device.
  • Click on “General” option to proceed further,
  • Now find “iPhone Storage” and click on it!
  • Next step is to find “Messages” under iPhone storage
  • Kindly, click on it to find store documents and data of Message 
  • Delete those files to increase the storage space in the iPhone device. 

Erase all contents and setting in iPhone 

In case, if you want to get rid of the problem “iPhone system storage too high” with making efforts then, we insist you to perform the method in your iPhone. Performing the method will definitely help you to fix the problem of high system storage usage but you won’t be able to find old data, images, videos, files in your iPhone device. If you’re okay with it, proceed to implement the method. 

  • Firstly open setting in your iPhone device 
iPhone system storage
  • Click on General to proceed further with the method
  • Find the “Reset” option and click on it.
iPhone system storage
  • You will find the option “Erase All Content and Settings” 
  • Kindly click on it and erase stored data of iPhone device
  • The process will consume some time, wait until it gets completed!

Once done, the problem of “iPhone system storage too high” will vanish in your iPhone device. 

FAQ for iPhone system storage

  • How do I get rid of system storage on my iPhone?
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To get rid of the high system storage usage in iPhone devices, delete unwanted data, files, videos, images. Delete the videos, movies that are stored in streaming Apps such as YouTube, Netflix and so on. 

  • How to check current system storage in iPhone? 

Perform the below stated steps to find the available and used storage space in your iPhone device.

  1. Open settings in your iPhone device
  2. Click on General Option
  3. The last step is to find the “iPhone storage” option and click on it!
  • How do I clear my system storage?

Intending to clear system storage then we would insist you to delete unwanted applications that are stored in your iPhone device, move your iPhone photos to iCloud, empty the recently deleted album, clear cache and history of browsers. 


We’re glad to introduce useful ways to help Apple users for solving the problem iPhone system storage, too high in 2020. If you have any doubt or query kindly, note it in the comment section. Our dedicated team will look into it!

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