Explore Best iPhone Web Browser available on App Store in 2021!


Installing an iPhone Web Browser lets you explore more features comparing to default browsers. There are tons of web browsers available on the internet but blindly installing them in iPhone or iPad devices might be risky. In this article, we have introduced some of the best iPhone Web Browsers available on App Store in 2021.

Safari the default web browser is one of the most reliable browsers to search web contents but if you’re intending to have new browsing experience then you have to rely on other browsers. We have compiled a list of “iPhone Web Browser” to let you enjoy new browsing experience in your iPhone and iPad devices.

Best iPhone Web Browser in 2021!

Onion Browser 

iPhone Web Browser

Onion Browser is one of the most preferred iPhone Web Browser by Apple users to access the internet. Privacy is what Onion Browser intends to serve the most. It includes quality features which help the user to secure their device data while surfing on the internet. Onion Browser supports HTTPS Everywhere enable it to block web contents that don’t include valid certificates.

Make use of Tor circuit in Onion Browsers to gain secured web contents in your iPhone or iPad devices. You can easily set Security level in the web browser insecure, moderate or secure. In case, if you wish to access a portal without valid certificates simply, switch to insecure security. Moreover, it includes “Fight Online Tracking” feature that allows you to block scripts and automatically clear cookies and tabs. Install Onion Browser in your iPhone or iPad device for free.

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Direct Download link for Onion Browser App!

Google Chrome

iPhone Web Browser

Google Chrome is the most preferred browser by billions of users across the world. One of the most trusted browsers, compatible with all Operating Systems. Using Google Chrome browser in your iPhone device you can quickly search, write less find more (Plenty of suggestion) for the search.

Google Chrome is one of the best iPhone Web Browser preferred by the majority of Apple users. You can easily manage multiple tabs in your iPhone device to switch web contents. It lets users save login credentials for autofill, without any hesitation. Make use of incognito for private surfing, it won’t save your history. Moreover, it lets you translate the web contents just by few clicks. Install Google Chrome browser in your iPhone or iPad device for free.

Direct Download link for Google Chrome App!

DuckDuckGo Browser

iPhone Web Browser

DuckDuckGo Browser is one of the highly-rated iPhone Web Browser in the App Store. It holds 4.9 rating in the App Store due to its quality feature in terms of privacy. A huge number of Apple users have already installed it there iPhone and iPad devices for surfing web contents.

It includes quality “Privacy” features such as Enforce Encryption, Decode Privacy, Limit Access and much more. Make use of Tap Fire Button to clear iPhone Web Browser history. Install it in your iPhone or iPad device for free to have safe surfing.

Direct Download link for DuckDuckGo App!

Brave Browser

iPhone Web Browser

Brave browser is similar to DuckDuck Go iPhone Web Browser that serves users with privacy. Due to its quality features in terms of privacy users have rated the web browser app with 4.8 ratings in the App Store. The brave browser serves users with Privacy, security, Speed. One of the cool features of the app is “Battery Saving” it consumes minimal device battery.

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It includes Private VPN, Pop-up blocker and Tracking protections to lets users enjoy web surfing without any hesitation. Make use of the feature “HTTPS everywhere” in Brave browser to block unsecured websites without valid certificates. Install it in your iPhone or iPad device for free.

Direct Download link for Brave browser App!

Microsoft Edge: Web Browser

iPhone Web Browser

Microsoft Edge iPhone web browser lets users have a quick search by visual and voice commands. Acquire more privacy, more control on your Web Browser for access web contents. It includes “InPrivate” mode that doesn’t save users footprint, make use of it in Microsoft Edge browser for private search.

You can personalize the iPhone web browser in your iPhone or iPad devices, change quick access bar, themes, include bookmarks, and much more. Save login credentials for quick access without any hesitation. Moreover, it includes AdBlock plus which helps users to get rid of the annoying ads. Install it in your iPhone and iPad device for free.

Direct Download link for Microsoft Edge App!

FAQ for iPhone Web Browser

  • What is the best browser to use on iPhone?

Safari is one of the best browsers that you can use in the iPhone device.  if you’re intending to check out some other web browsers than try Brave or Onion browsers would be the best choices. Install those browsers in your iPhone to have a new experience of browsing.

  • What is the safest browser for iPhone?

Below stated are some of the safest web browsers that you can find App Store. Install the convenient browser in your iPhone device for free!

  1. Onion Browser
  2. Google Chrome
  3. DuckDuckGo Browser
  4. Brave Browser
  5. Microsoft Edge: Web Browser
  • Is Onion Browser on iPhone safe?
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Yes, Onion Browser is one of the safest iPhone web browsers that you can install in your iPhone device for free. It includes quality privacy features such as HTTPS Everywhere, Fight Online Tracking, Tor circuit and so on.


We’re glad to introduce some of the best iPhone Web Browser that is preferred by the majority of Apple users. Install the convenient Browser Application from the App Store to experience a new way of browsing. If you have any doubt or query, kindly note it in the given comment section. Our dedicated team will look into it!

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