Plugged in not charging: Fixing methods for MacBook not charging 2020


MacBook definitely plugged in? Disconnect the charging in your laptop and plug it in again is one of the general methods to fix MacBook not charging. Read to know some other useful methods to get rid of the problem “Mac not charging” in 2020

Firstly confirm the actual culprit for the problem MacBook not charging, whether its mac device or the connected Charger. Kindly connect the charger with another MacBook device and check whether it works or not. In case, if you find the charger in working condition kindly, perform the stated methods in your Mac device to solve the problem, Plugged in not charging.

Fixing Methods for MacBook not charging in 2020

Introducing reliable methods to solve the problem Mac not charging in 2020. Insist you to perform the stated method one after the other and check whether the issue MacBook won’t charge is resolved or not. 

Restart your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro device

Apple users might find the problem MacBook is not charging due to minor software glitch. Hence, insist you to firstly perform the restart method, sometimes the silly methods fix big problems. 

Check Power Outlet and Mac device Charging Port

Dust and debris in MacBook charging port might find you the problem Mac not charging. Clear the device charging port by giving a light air blow and insert the charger to check whether the problem Plugged in not charging is fixed or not. 

Sometimes bad power outlet misleads you to face the problem MacBook not charging. Insist you to kindly plugin any other electronic gadget to check, whether the power outlet is in working condition or not.

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Know the current health status of Mac battery 

Due to a faulty battery in the Mac device, you might find the problem MacBook not charging. To know the current status of the device battery kindly click on the battery icon of MacBook device. 

  • If you find normal status then the battery is not at fault for Mac not charging. 
  • In case, if you find the battery status as service battery then, it’s time to replace the device battery to get rid of the problem plugged in not charging.

Visit a nearby Apple Service centre and get replaced the old battery as soon as possible.

Restart System Management Controller

Still, the problem MacBook not charging exists after performing the above-given methods then it’s time to restart Mac with System Management Controller.

  • Press Shift + Control + Option and power button simultaneously in you Mac device 
  • Release all key at the same time and wait for a while hopefully, the problem MacBook not charging might get fixed by performing the method. 

Contact Apple for service or software

In case, if you find the same problem MacBook won’t charge after performing the last method kindly, contact Apple support for assistance. 

  • Visit the official Apple support portal: Click Here 
  • Choose Mac Option, the very 1st option
  • Now click on Start or Power

  • Select the favourable option to contact the Apple Support for assistance.

1 Why is my MacBook not charging when plugged in?

Due to faulty Mac charger, a damage power outlet, Faulty charging socket or weak device battery are some of the general reasons for the problem, MacBook not charging in 2020.

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2 Why is my laptop plugged in and not charging?

Check whether the inserted device charger is not damaged both Adapter and Cable. Connect another Mac device with the charger to confirm the actual culprit for the problem Plugged in not charging.

3 How do I check battery health on Mac?

Kindly, click on the battery icon to find the current status for MacBook battery.

  1. If you find the status as Normal then the battery is good. 
  2. You might find Replace soon, Replace now status for battery the status indicates it’s time to change the battery. 

The deadly status for the battery is “Service now” if you find it replace the MacBook battery to avoid an explosion.

4. What happens if I don’t replace my MacBook battery?

If you don’t replace the faulty battery of MacBook for a period of time, then you might find a terrible explosion. It’s good to check the battery status at least once a month. Simply click on the battery icon in your Mac device, it will display you the current status whether it’s normal or need a service.

5 Does replacing MacBook battery erase data?

No not at all, replacing battery won’t erase or format the stored data in your Mac device. The battery is meant for power supply not to store data hence, replace the Mac battery without any hesitation only if, needed. 


MacBook not charging problem might occur due to faulty battery or charger. Sometimes this not be the actual reason, hence we have introduced some useful methods to fix the problem Mac not charging in 2020. If you have any doubt or query, kindly note it in down in the given comment section. Our dedicated team will look into it!

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