Methods to fix the problem “MacBook won’t turn on” in 2020


Even after pressing the power button several times, MacBook won’t turn on? No need to worry, the article is a complete guide to fix MacBook won’t turn on, the problem in 2020

Mainly there are two scenarios for the problem, MacBook won’t turn on.

The 1st scenario: No battery life left in your MacBook Air/ MacBook pro device, lack of power supply. Mac users won’t find their device life even after pressing the power button.

Kindly insert a compatible charger with Mac device and charge it for few minutes. Once done, press the power button of MacBook and turn it on. 

Second scenario: Apple device is alive but not responding, finding the problem MacBook Pro won’t turn on or MacBook air won’t turn on. Well, there is some software or hardware issue that exists in your Apple device. Try to perform the given fixing methods in your Mac device to fix the problem in 2020.

Fixing methods for MacBook pro won’t turn on| MacBook Air won’t turn on

We have introduced all the necessary methods in this article to fix, MacBook won’t turn on problem. Kindly perform the below-given fixing methods in your Mac device to fix the problem in 2020.

Perform, Power cycle method in your Mac device

  • Firstly shut down your MacBook by pressing the power button
  • Kindly hold the power button for at least 10 more seconds and then release.
  • Wait for a few minutes and then turn your MacBook air/pro by pressing the power button, hopefully, the problem MacBook won’t turn on will get resolved. If not kindly proceed further with the next method.
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Restart MacBook non-volatile random-access memory (NVRAM)

  • Firstly shut down the MacBook by pressing the power button
  • Once done, Hold Command + Option + P + R keys simultaneously and turn on your MacBook 
  • Kindly release the keys when finding a vibration or slight sound in your Mac device

Restart System Management Controller

Still, the problem exists even after performing the above-given methods then restart Mac with System Management Controller.

  • Press Shift + Control + Option and power button simultaneously in you Mac device 
  • Release all the key at the same time and wait for a while hopefully, the problem will get fixed by performing the method.

Recovery Mode in MacBook

  • The very 1st step is to shut down the Mac device by pressing the power button
  • Hold Command + R simultaneously and press the power button 
  • You will find a few options in your MacBook screen
  • Select the option “Disk Utility” to proceed
  • Next step is to choose hard drive option and click first aid
  • Wait for a while until the process get completed and then turn on your Mac device

Restart MacBook in safe mode

  • Make sure your Apple device is completely shut, if not hold the power button in your MacBook
  • Once done, hold the shift key and press the power button in your Mac device
  • You will find a login menu, release the shift key
  • Select the option safe mode to turn on your Mac device. 

Contact Apple for service or software

After performing all the above-given methods in your apple device, you find the same problem MacBook won’t turn on then kindly contact Apple support for assistance. 

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Firstly visit the official apple genius bar portal, select the favourable option Chat, Call or Email for getting assistance to the problem MacBook Pro won’t turn on or MacBook air won’t turn on in 2020. 

FAQ for MacBook won’t turn on

1 What do you do if your MacBook won’t turn on?

To fix the problem MacBook air won’t turn on perform the below-given steps:

  1. Remove all the connected USB hubs, drives from your MacBook
  2. Kindly press and hold the power button of your Apple device for 10 seconds and release. 
  3. Now, reset System Management Controller in your MacBook

2 How do I force my MacBook Air to turn on?

To force start the MacBook air press Shift, Control, Option keys along with power button, hold for few seconds and release. Press again the power key to turn on the MacBook Air.

3 How do you restart a frozen MacBook Air?

Kindly press the power button and hold the same for few seconds until you don’t find restart option in your MacBook Air device. Click on restart option to restart and fix the problem MacBook won’t turn on.

4 What is the problem if the laptop is not turning on?

Multiple reasons for the problem MacBook Pro won’t turn on. Make sure power cord is plugged in properly with a laptop, due to faulty Power supply you might find the problem MacBook won’t turn on, battery problem, mislead in the device motherboard. 

5 How long does it take for a dead Mac to turn on?

Due to low battery your MacBook air/pro might be dead, kindly connect the charger to your Apple device and wait for 2 minutes. It might consume at 40 to 90 seconds for a dead Mac to turn on.

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Performing the above-given steps in your Apple device you can fix “MacBook won’t turn on” problem in 2020. In case, if you have any doubt or query kindly note down in the given comment section, our dedicated team will look into it! 

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