Your Apple ID Has Been Locked: How to unlock Apple ID in 2020


Apple ID Locked, Apple performs the activity whenever they detect threats to user’s data or login activity. You might have received an email from apple saying Your Apple ID Has Been Locked for security reasons. Now, you might have a question, how to Unlock Apple ID? Simply read the article as it includes the necessary steps to Unlock Apple ID in 2020

Friends, Relatives, Colleagues often try to access your Apple device without knowing the actual password/passcode. They simply input random passcodes to get into your iPhone/iPad or Mac devices. In case, if they exceed the number of limits (Inserting correct password) Apple identifies it as a threat and immediately locks the Users Apple ID. Moreover, Apple sends a notification email to users saying your Apple ID Has Been Locked due to security reasons. Read further to know the necessary steps to Unlock Apple ID. 

Necessary steps to unlock Apple ID in 2020

Kindly perform the below-given steps to Unlock Apple ID. Few steps proceed one after another to regain the Apple ID access in 2020.

  • Click on “Unlock Account” in your Apple device.

  • Now input the valid Apple ID (Registered email ID) in the given empty box.

  • Kindly input the registered phone number in the empty box.

  • Apple will send you a verification code at your registered Phone number. Kindly input the same to proceed.

  • Next step is to input the Apple ID password.

  • That’s it! Click on Unlock Account tab.

  • Once done, you will regain access to login Apple ID. 

How to identify Fake Email with Subject: Your Apple ID Has Been Locked?

Scammers are very fond of sending replica emails of trusted brands such as Apple. They simply send emails to random Apple users with Subject: Your Apple ID Has Been Locked. 

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Apple users can easily identify the fake emails Apple ID Locked. Simply try to access iCloud in your device, if no issue means it’s a scam email. Hackers include a verification link with duplicate Apple form so that users can input their details in it. They track your entered details to access your Apple ID. 

Note: Do not click on Random Links that you have received with fake emails. Hackers can get into your system through the planted link. 

In case, if you have clicked the received links, change your Apple ID password visiting the official Apple Portal, right now. 

FAQ for Your Apple ID Has Been Locked

1 Why has my Apple ID been locked?

Entering incorrect password multiple times gets your Apple ID Locked. Apple finds it as threat hence immediately locks users Apple ID and notifies users via email with subject “Your Apple ID Has Been Locked due to security reasons”

2 How long does it take to unlock your Apple ID?

You can Unlock Apple ID within a few minutes by qualifying the authentication process. You have to input your Apple ID, registered phone number. Apple will send verification code. Simply enter the received code and password to Unlock Apple ID.

3 How do I get in contact with Apple support?

You can dial 800–275–2273 to get connected with Apple Support. Visit the official Apple Portal for Chat support.

4 Can my Apple ID be permanently locked?

Yes, your Apple ID can get permanently locked if you don’t verify the authentication within 24 hours after receiving the official email from Apple with the subject “Your Apple ID Has Been Locked for security reasons”

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5 Does Apple charge to unlock disabled iPhone?

No, Apple does not charge for users to perform the activity, Unlock Apple ID. Apple users have to qualify the authentication process entering the verification code.


Apple sends the user an email with the subject “Your Apple ID Has Been Locked for security reasons” whenever they detect multiple tries with incorrect Passwords. Simply follow the given steps to unlock Apple ID in 2020. If you have any doubt or query kindly, input it in the given comment section. Our dedicated team will look into it!

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