Safari not working, how to fix Safari issues in 2020


Safari one of the notable browser developed by Apple. It is an inbuilt browser of Mac system, Mac users do find the problem “Safari not working” due to some misleads. In this article, we have discussed the causes and reliable methods to fix the problem Safari not working in 2020

Repeatedly finding Safari crash in your Mac System? The reason might be lack of new update for safari browser. Plenty of causes for a single problem “Safari not working” read further to know all the cause for Safari issues.

Main Causes for Safari not working

Below stated are some of the main reason for Safari issues in Mac Systems. Take proper initiatives to increase the durability of Mac PC/Laptops and to avoid Safari not working problem in 2020.

  • Multiple tabs open in safari might find the problem, Safari not working
  • Storage in cache and cookies, history and downloads causes Safari issues
  • “Safari not working” problem occurs due to unwanted active extensions 
  • An outdated version of Safari is also one of the main reasons for Safari issues
  • Lack of new software updates in the Mac System

Methods to fix Safari not working problem in 2020

Before proceeding with fixing methods for “Safari issues” try to Restart your Mac device, performing the activity will help you to fix Safari not working problem in 2020.

Restart Mac System in Safe mode

Still, Safari issues exist? If yes try to restart Mac PC/Laptop in safe mode. Firstly power off your Mac system and on it again, hold the shift key for few seconds after getting the login screen in Mac. Now, you will find the system in safe mode, test safari browser in safe to check whether a Safari issue is fixed. In case, if you find the same problem “Safari not working” kindly, proceed further with other methods.

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Clear Stored Caches to fix Safari issues

  • Firstly Open Safari, choose Advanced option 
  • Kindly give Checkmark for “Show Develop menu in menu bar” 
  • Now, click on Develop menu and choose Empty Caches to clear caches

Clear cookies in Safari browser

  • Open Safari in your Mac device, click on the Privacy tab
  • Next step is to click on Manage Website Data.
  • Remove store cookies to fix Safari issues

Disable active extensions in your Mac System

  • To disable the active extensions, open safari browser in your Mac System
  • Kindly click on Extensions and uncheck all the extensions in your safari browser
  • You can also uninstall the unwanted Extensions from your browser

Check for new updates for Safari Browser

To fix bugs on Safari browser and improve the quality of the browser apple releases Safari updates now and then. Check for new updates for Safari browser, if any update it in your Mac Browser. 

Check for new Software updates in Mac System

Sometimes due to lack in software updates in Mac invites the problem “Safari not working” Check for new updates, if any download and install the same in your Mac System.

  • Firstly click on Apple icon in your Mac device
  • Kindly click on about this Mac to proceed further
  • You will find “software update” option kindly click on it
  • If you find any new update kindly, download and install it in your Mac System

FAQ for Safari not working

1 Why is my Safari browser not working?

There are multiple reasons for the problem “Safari not working” 

  1. Multiple active tabs 
  2. Storage in cache and cookies
  3. Unwanted active extensions 
  4. An outdated version of Safari 
  5. Lack of new software updates
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2 How do I make Safari work again?

Restart the mac system and launch safari browser, check for new updates for safari browser, if any download and install it to make safari work again in your Mac System

3 What’s the difference between Google and Safari?

Google a notable search engine that includes billions of web contents whereas, safari is a browser that helps users to find the web contents from Google search engine.

4 How do I download Safari?

Open App Store in your mac system, search safari to download or update in your Mac PC/Laptop in 2020. Due to lack of new updates, you might find the problem Safari not working.

5 Is Safari better than Chrome?

Both the browsers Safari and Chrome are notable ones. Millions of users prefer both browsers across the world. If you’re a Mac user than safari browser will be an advantage as it consumes less power consumption compared to Chrome. 


Performing the above-given methods in Mac System, you can fix the problem Safari not working in 2020. In case, if you have any query kindly note down in the given comment section. Our dedicated team will look into it!

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