How To Fix Screen time not working


Excess usage of phones results in countless health ailments. To solve this problem, Apple has developed an innovative idea of screen time. Apple’s screen time allows you to track your time spent on the mobile. This will help you to realize the time you wasted on useless stuff.

This feature will somewhat control the addiction of the user. It also provides a comparative infographic view of today’s activity and past days. For example, a parent can easily see a child’s account usage. You can also see how often you picked up your iPhone,iPad, or iPod.

Turning on the screen time feature is an easy process. Firstly, go to the Apple menu, then to System Preferences, screen time, and finally tap on the turn-on option, which is present in the lower-left corner.

But with time, several users have reported that they can’t utilize the screen time feature appropriately on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

They are facing a lot of issues while using the feature. Sometimes, the reports generated, like the time you spent on the app, vary and are inaccurate. Some users complain about parental controls where parents cannot look after their child’s account. Users cannot alter limits and restrictions that they have set earlier. Sometimes, the restrictions and limits don’t work over certain apps. Many times, screen time isn’t turned on, and the button is grayed out.

Problems reported in screen time

There had been various problems that the users had reported about screen time: –

  1. Some of the apps, content, and restrictions are not working correctly in screen time.
  2. The users are unavailable to perform any modification, restriction or edition in the settings.
  3. Screen time is somehow not showing the accurate result of the Child’s account.
  4. Another report shows that parents cannot control their kid’s accounts.
  5. With the button of screen time being greyed-out. There is no authority for the user to access it.
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How To Fix Screen time not working

1.     Updating the operating system:

By updating all of your devices, i.e., iPad, iPhone or Mac. You need to update the operating system of all these devices to make sure their screen time works properly. To update your device, you can go through this process.

  • iPhone or iPad: Update your devices to the latest version of iOS or iPad OS as per the device you are holding. You need to go to Settings>General>Software Update for doing such. Download the update and install it.
  • Mac: Updating Mac is not a pretty challenging task. You can do so by going to System preferences> software update. Install the given update.

Complete the installation on all the devices. This might solve the issue of screen time.

2.     Updating the Third-party apps:

If you are using a third-party app, it might cause some problems in the screen time as they are not readily eligible to work with this feature of Apple. To update these apps, you can go through these steps:

  • iPhone or iPad: You can simply open the App Store and search for the respected apps for their upgrade for your iPhone and iPad. Once they are updated to the latest version, check for the screen time and whether it is working.
  • Mac: Updating the third-party apps in a Mac is quite simple, like your iPhone or iPad. You can generally open the App Store and update the possible apps. There’s a trick to update Google Chrome as you have to open Chrome on your Mac. Click the “more” option, the three dots present on the top right corner, click update Google Chrome from the dropdown menu. Once the installation is complete, re-open Chrome so that the changes may take effect.
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3.     Restarting the screen time:

Sometimes the screen time causes an issue by itself. So, ‘turning it off, ‘restarting,’ and ‘turning it on again might help. To do this process, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the screen time option from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac settings.
  • iPhone or iPad: Turn off the screen time on your iPhone or iPad, which you can do by going to Settings> Screen Time. Please scroll down and turn it off by simple tapping it.
  • Mac: Doing the same process on your Mac, you have to go to your Apple Menu> System Preferences. Here, you will see the screen time option, which you can turn off.
  • Now restart your device so that changes may take place effectively.
  • After a successful restart, go to the ‘Screen Time’ option through your settings on your iPhone and iPad. Similarly, go to the ‘Screen Time’ option through your system preferences on your Mac, and turn the screen time option back on.
  • You can do this process with your child’s account, but an additional step is included in this process. You need to sign out from your Child’s account. So that your Apple ID is removed, and then restart your device and follow the further procedure as explained above.

4.     Check date and time:

Ensure that all the devices’ dates and times are set correctly according to your time zone. You can do this by following these steps:

  • iPhone or iPad: Simply, go to Settings> General> Date & Time. You can change the date and time to your time zone. Most preferably, select ‘Set Automatically.’
  • Mac: Open System Preferences, then choose ‘date & time option. If you want to make any modification to a Mac, you will need to click a lock icon to update the information or the changes.
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5.     Update the apps which are causing the problem

Sometimes, the screen time doesn’t block certain apps. Try to update those apps. Go to the app store on your iPhone or Mac and update the app to the latest version.

6.     Turn off Low power mode

Sometimes, screen time doesn’t work when the low power mode is turned on. Turn off low power mode under the battery in settings.


Keeping in mind the modern adverse effect of smartphone devices, which leads to an unhealthy addiction towards it. Apple came with the idea of “Screen Time,” which proves to be quite effective, and users must engage with this feature. Though some technical issues that may arise can be sorted out, as explained earlier, this feature is a must-use for those on the verge of this smartphone addiction.

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