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Take a look back to WWDC’21 earlier this year, when Apple unveiled iOS 15. Did you pull it off? You may recall that SharePlay in FaceTime was one of the keynote MVPs.

However, when iOS 5 was released, SharePlay was noticeably absent. Maybe it wasn’t so curious after all; after all, the iOS 15 beta of SharePlay was riddled with issues.

You’re probably wondering why we went down memory lane in the first place. To announce that SharePlay is now available! Let’s get this party started.

In this article, you’ll discover three different Screen Sharing methods for Share Screen on iPhone Using FaceTime SharePlay.

What is SharePlay in FaceTime?

Here’s a basic summary if you’re unfamiliar with the feature. FaceTime’s SharePlay feature allows users to share activities and experiences.

Share Experiences With SharePlay Integration

On a FaceTime call, you can listen to music or view movies and TV shows together. Of course, Apple Music and Apple TV are at the heart of it all, but the list doesn’t stop there.

SharePlay also works with other apps, though not many at the moment. SharePlay allows synchronized app playback on all participating devices with apps that support it.

So, even if you started playing the movie (for example) on the call, everyone can pause, play, or skip it, as well as utilize the app’s other features.

And the video will synchronize flawlessly on each member’s device for a completely unique experience.

Users may watch and listen together using SharePlay in apps like TikTok, NBA, Paramount+, MUBI, Showtime, Moon FM, Digital Concert Hall, and others.

You may also utilize SharePlay to browse homes or a subreddit together in applications like Flow, Kahoot!, Redfin Real Estate, Apollo for Reddit, and Fitness, to name a few. By hopping on a FaceTime chat and using the SharePlay integration, you can doodle, edit photographs and videos, play quizzes, and much more in real-time.

Although the app selection is currently restricted, as more developers use the API, more apps will most certainly be added in the future, with Disney+ and Hulu already on the way.

Share your Screen in a FaceTime Call

Aside from the built-in SharePlay integration, the feature now allows you to share your complete screen on FaceTime. You may just share your screen to share the content of other apps that don’t have a SharePlay component.

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Granted, other participants in the call will have no control over the content, but the capability is handy for a lot more than just exchanging content.

You can collaborate on web pages, look at images together, assist friends with technological issues, browse catalogs, and so on. Your iPhone apps are at your disposal!

The best aspect is that you won’t have to be concerned about your privacy. To protect sensitive information, your alerts are not visible to anyone in the call when you share your screen.

How is SharePlay App Integration Different than Sharing Your Screen

Sharing multimedia from apps with a SharePlay integration is not the same as sharing your screen.

Everyone on the call has the same level of control over the stream thanks to SharePlay integration. It’s all about collaboration.

Sharing your screen, on the other hand, is just regular screen showing, with other call participants acting as passive observers with no influence over what you’re sharing.

Another distinction is that other call participants do not require a subscription. They don’t even need to have the app on their phone to participate.

It can also be used to watch YouTube videos with your friends. However, it does not work with Netflix or Disney+ because it considers screen sharing to be screen recording.

You can still use it to watch content together in other apps that don’t have a SharePlay integration yet; not all apps block content playback over screen sharing.

Other Features of SharePlay

Smart Volume: When someone in the call speaks, SharePlay automatically reduces the volume of whatever is playing. It appears to work best with AirPods, but it should work with your device speakers and other devices as well.

iMessage Access: FaceTime controls now include an iMessage access point. As a result, you may simply turn off your camera and microphone and use iMessage to converse. You simply need to tap to focus on the material on the screen or to take a restroom break during a long binge session.

How to Use SharePlay in a FaceTime Call

Make sure you and everyone else in the call are up to date on iOS 15.1 before you try to SharePlay anything on the call. If someone on the call isn’t using iOS 15.1, they won’t be able to see or hear anything that’s going on in the call about SharePlay.

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A subscription to the app is also required. Users with iOS 15.1 but no subscription will notice that you’re using SharePlay to play content. They’ll also be able to see and hear what’s being played, but not see or hear it.

  • Start a FaceTime call to use SharePlay. Simply go to the app where you want to SharePlay the material and follow the instructions. We’re going to launch the Apple Music app for this tutorial.
  • You’ll notice a banner stating that the content will automatically SharePlay. You only need to play the song.
  • The other person in the call will be invited to join you after you SharePlay anything. They’ll be a part of the SharePlay session if they approve.

The ‘Now Playing‘ card with ‘[N] Listening’ shows how many people are listening with you.

  • Everyone in the SharePlay session has the ability to pause, play, skip forward or backward, and stop the stream.
  • The video from FaceTime will appear in Picture-in-Picture mode when you’re sharing the content, and the feed of the active/last speaker will appear on the screen. You can also dock the PiP video and return it to the screen at any time.
  • Tap the green pill in the left notch of the screen to end the SharePlay session.
  • The FaceTime controls toolbar will display on your screen. On the right end of the toolbar, tap the SharePlay icon (a person in front of semi-circles).
  • A menu of choices will emerge. You can also share your screen, which will end the current SharePlay session instantly. Select ‘End SharePlay‘ from the drop-down menu.
  • You’ll be asked if you want to stop it for everyone or just yourself. Select the best choice for you.

How to Share Screen in a FaceTime call on iPhone

Another feature of SharePlay is the ability to share your screen during a FaceTime session.

  • Go to the FaceTime controls toolbar to share your screen. Right-click the button (looks like a person in front of a screen).
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Share Screen on iPhone

  • Tap on the ‘Share My Screen‘ option that appears beneath it.

Share Screen on iPhone

  • A countdown will begin at 3 p.m., followed by screen sharing. Take this opportunity to visit the app you want to share.
  • Close Facetime if you still have it open. The participants in the call will be able to see your screen as soon as you navigate to your Home screen. Participants will only see a fuzzy screen on their end while the FaceTime app is open.
  • When someone in a FaceTime video chat shares their screen, it appears to the other participants as a tile alongside the video feeds (though slightly larger than the other video tiles). On the shared screen, viewers can zoom in and out or tap it to watch merely the screen without the videos.

Share Screen on iPhone

  • Open any program and use screen sharing to share the content. The participants will not require an app subscription because they will only be viewing your screen. However, you can’t use this as a workaround in apps that support SharePlay.
  • When you open one of these apps, a window will appear on your screen asking if you wish to cancel the current screen sharing session and begin a new SharePlay session. You won’t be able to play stuff in the app until you do that.
  • To end screen sharing, bring up the FaceTime controls toolbar by tapping the purple pill in the left corner of the notch.
  • After that, tap the ‘Screen sharing‘ icon to stop the session.

Share Screen on iPhone

  • When you share your screen, your camera will turn off automatically. You’ll have to enable it once you’ve finished sharing your screen, as you can’t do it while sharing your screen.
  • SharePlay allows you to enjoy material with others even if you are not in the same location. It’s ideal for a remote movie night session because it has flawless synchronizing and controls for everyone. SharePlay is presently available on the iPhone and iPad, with a macOS version coming shortly.
  • Users that join from Android, Windows, or even iOS 15 or older cannot use SharePlay, not even share their screen.
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