How to Use a Mac Magic Mouse to Right-Click


Many mice include both a right and a left-click button — but not those manufactured by Apple. However, with macOS, a large amount of functionality is easily accessible via a right-click. In macOS, right-clicking on numerous items brings up a shortcut menu.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the places where you may right-click to bring up shortcut menus, how to right-click on an Apple Magic Mouse, and some of the additional settings available for your Magic Mouse.

If you’re trying to right-click on your Mac, you can also use your Magic Mouse as a trackpad which will enable you to right-click on your Mac.

Places where you will want to Right-click

  • The Desktop — a right-click brings up a menu with choices for organizing and customizing the desktop.

Mac Magic Mouse

  • A file in the Finder window – right-clicking on a file in the Finder window brings up a menu of options, including the ability to open it with a specific application, transfer it to the trash, create a copy, and share it.

Mac Magic Mouse

  • Desktop icons, window toolbars, web pages, and web links are all examples of items that include a “right-click menu.” Additionally, you may highlight or choose a word on a webpage – for example, “gestures” – and then right-click on it to bring up a menu with handy alternatives.

Mac Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse

Apple’s standard method for right-clicking is as follows:

  • While holding down the Control key, left-click on an item.

To right-click with only your mouse:

  1. To access System Preferences, navigate to the Apple menu > System Preferences. On the mouse, click.
  2. You may change a number of the Magic Mouse’s motions from the mouse settings menu.
  3. With the Point & Click tab selected, you can change the Secondary click settings.
  4. To enable your mouse’s right-click feature, check the box next to the Secondary click. You can either click on the right or left side. While “Click on the right side” makes the most sense for a right-click function, other users may choose to have their right- and left-click functions reversed.
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Mac Magic Mouse

Other Mouse Settings

You can change numerous other settings for your Magic Mouse in System Preferences > Mouse. You can do the following from the Point & Click tab:

  • Select the Smart zoom gesture – a double-tap with one finger – to zoom in. This one is quite cool if you want to rapidly inspect anything that is a bit too small to view; by repeating the same double-tap action, you can fast return to the usual zoom level.
  • You can change the pace of the tracking. Individuals may have slightly varying preferences for how quickly they want their mouse pointer to move across a screen in normal conditions, but this is especially handy – and critical – for those with shaky hands. Additionally, if you have a larger screen, you may prefer a quicker tracking speed.

You can perform the following actions from the Additional Gestures tab:

  • Pages can be accessed by swiping. When an app such as Safari is active, you can navigate between pages by swiping left or right with one (or more) fingers, rather than clicking on the tabs.
  • Swipe back and forth between full-screen apps. Swiping left or right with two fingers toggles between full-screen applications.
  • Obtain access to Mission Control. Mission Control is accessed with a double-tap with two fingers. I constantly use this one to locate my open programs on the screen.
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